Laboratory Upgrading


The program aims to develop institutional capabilities through conduct of research activities and equipping laboratories at the same time.


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Equipment acquisition with research grant.

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Strategic Thrusts and Programs


  • Support for Research and Development

The program provides support for the conduct of R&D projects to implement the sectoral R&D agenda in industry, energy, and emerging technologies.

The program aims to develop and enhance Filipino R&D and support capabilities to meet the present and future human resource requirements in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors.  The following are the components of the program:

The program aims to strengthen the capability of institutions to undertake research in S&T fields included in  PCIEERD priority areas.

It also provides support for equipment acquisition and upgrading of library resources.

  • Information Dissemination

The Council undertakes sustained programs for information dissemination to facilitate access to and utilization of information and research results by the industry, the business sector, and other potential technology users.

  • Support for Technology Transfer and Commercialization

The program aims to fast track the transfer and commercialization of research results of projects supported by PCIEERD as well as those generated by collaborators from universities and research institutes.

Mechanisms include capacity building programs, technology assessment, promotion, intellectual property and technology management.

  • Policy Development and Advocacy

The program aims to analyze, review, formulate, and recommend policies and regulations to support the development of priority sectors of PCIEERD.

Activities are pursued in collaboration with experts, technology users, and other stakeholder groups of the Council.

  • Support for High Impact Technology Solutions (HITS)

This program provides support to S&T projects with high socio-economic impact and those addressing government thrusts such as:

  • Disaster mitigation to ensure integrated and safe communities
  • Environment protection for sustainable use of resources, and
  • Other areas, as the needs arise.