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 The following DOST-PCIEERD funded technologies are now ready for licensing and adoption by any individual or corporation wanting to commercialize the technology

1. Monascus Red Colorant - Monascus Red Colorant is a locally developed all natural colorant and considered a viable substitute for synthetic colors. Since it is locally produced, importation cost will be eliminated, product safety is assured, reliable supply of colorants and lastly, prices will be cheaper as compared to the existing imported colorants. Download the Technology Brief.

2. Fish-I is a patent pending hardware-software technology that allows for rapid reef fish assessment. It automates the process of performing fish census which otherwise requires high level of domain knowledge and expertise in the Marine Sciences. With Fish-I, users with minimal knowledge of fish can obtain highly accurate fish population density, biomass, and species. Download the Technology Brief.

3. Iron Fortified Rice and Iron Premix Rice for Commercialization - Rice fortified with iron to effectively reduce iron deficiency anemia, thereby reducing malnutrition problems in the Philippines. Among adults there will be an increase in productivity, among pregnant women lower incidence of stillbirth, miscarriage, hemorrhage, and even death. Children will have improved learning and decreased behavioral problems. Download the Technology Brief.

 4. HormoGroe: Nanoformulated Plant Growth Regulators - HormoGroe is a controlled release nanoformulation of plant hormones derived from naturally occurring plant growth-promoting bacteria. HormoGroe is a plant stimulant consisting of natural hormones which increases survival of seedlings or stem cuttings when transferred to soil by promoting root growth in a short period of time. Unlike other plant hormones and root promoter products, HormoGroe is encapsulated in nano-sized granules for controlled release and to prevent degradation in the soil. Download the Technology Brief.

5. Charm: Rapid Electric Vehicle Charger - CharM is a fast charging system that can fully charge electric tricycles in 30 minutes. It has a battery management system that can monitor the voltage and temperature of the battery when plug-in to the charger and will help ensure better battery product security and safety. Download the Technology Brief.

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