Institution Development

The program aims to strengthen the capability of institutions to undertake research in S&T fields included in PCIEERD priority areas. It also provides support for equipment acquisition and upgrading of laboratory resources.

I. Coverage

The IDP shall cover provision of support for upgrading of research laboratories and facilities of academic and research institutions in areas within the PCIEERD sectoral priority areas (Annex 1) or the Harmonized National R&D Agenda-HRDA (Annex 2) and where there is inadequacy of research expertise and/or facilities.


The IDP shall include upgrading and/or setting up of research laboratories, purchase of laboratory equipment (including highly specialized software)/facilities and small research grants aimed at developing research capabilities. 

II. Objective

The IDP aims to upgrade and/or develop the research capabilities of the academic and research institutions and relevant DOST-attached agencies, through the development and/or upgrading of its research laboratories and facilities. 

III. Eligibility Requirements

The program is open to academic and research institutions, which must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  1. DOST-attached Agencies, DOST Regional Offices, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), CHED-recognized Center of Development and government research institutions (Private academic institutions may be considered for meritorious cases);

  2. Have a five-year research agenda (or an equivalent strategic plan), aligned with the PCIEERD priority areas or the Harmonized National Research and Development Agenda (HRDA);

  3. Have at least the basic facility for conduct of research in PCIEERD priority areas or HRDA; and,

  4. Have demonstrated potential capability in research.

IV. Documentary Requirements

  1. Letter of request

  2. Proposal, using PCIEERD format, and Line-Item Budget

  3. Curriculum vitae of the proponent

  4. Endorsement from the head of institution (Chancellor/President)
  5. Five-year research agenda/strategic plan or equivalent

  6. List of existing laboratory personnel/faculty and their specialization)

  7. List of projects (on-going and/or completed) for the last five years)

V. Entitlements

The grant shall cover purchase of laboratory equipment/facilities, including highly specialized software and other relevant operational expenses. Furniture and fixtures are not included, except in highly justifiable cases.

VI. Implementing Guidelines

      1. Proposals/applications must be submitted to:


                     Human Resources and Institution Development Division (HRIDD)


                     4th and 5th floors Science Heritage Bldg., DOST Compound

                     Bicutan, Taguig City


       2. Applications with incomplete documents will not be accepted.

       3. Initial screening will be done by the HRIDD.

       4. Proposals amounting to less than P5,000,000.00 shall be subject to approval of the PCIEERD Executive Director. Proposals amounting to more than P5,000,000.00, shall be evaluated by the concerned PCIEERD Technical Panel and endorsed to the PMT for recommendation and consequently to the PCIEERD Governing Council, as needed.

       5. All IDP projects shall have a maximum duration of two (2) years, at the end of which a product/technology is presented as output and an R&D proposal is submitted. A one (1) year extension for research activities maybe given on meritorious cases. A written request and justification for such extension shall be submitted to PCIEERD at least a quarter before the end of the project.

       6. The financial grant shall be released to the institution upon receipt of the signed memorandum of agreement (MOA).

       7. All purchases shall be made within one year of the release of the grant, in accordance with the approved Line-Item-Budget (LIB). Any items to be purchased not in the approved LIB shall require prior approval from PCIEERD. The procurement guidelines of the respective grantee-institutions shall be used/followed.

       8. The grant shall be liquidated one (1) year after its release to the institution. The following documents, using the attached formats, shall be submitted:

  1. Audited financial report (format)

  2. Project Status Report

  3. Acknowledgement receipts/Memorandum receipts

      9. Any unexpended amount shall be returned to PCIEERD within six (6) months after submission of the audited financial report.

     10. The Terminal Report shall be submitted at the end of year 2 of the project.

     11. All items procured will remain as PCIEERD property. The receiving institution may request for donation of the equipment within six months after the end of the project.

     12. Unless donated to the requesting institution, PCIEERD has the right to assign the equipment to another institution after two (2) years. An annual inventory of the items purchased will be done by the PCIEERD Inventory Committee until such time that the equipment had been donated.

     13. Maintenance and repair of the equipment/items purchased, within and after the project duration, shall be the counterpart of the receiving institution.

     14. PCIEERD assistance shall be duly recognized in any activity/publication utilizing the facility or equipment.

     15. Any income derived from the use of the equipment/item shall be duly reported to PCIEERD. 

VII. General Provision

  1. The decision of PCIEERD on any application for financial support under the program is considered final.

  2. All grants shall be subject to availability of funds and the accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

  3. All application forms and guidelines can be downloaded at the PCIEERD website at

Human Resource and Institutional Development Division (HRIDD)
Dr. Ruby Raterta - Chief Science Research Specialist

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