Screenshot of the JST-UKRI-DOST Joint Panel Meeting. In the photos are (from top) JST Director for International Affairs Mr. Osamu Kobayashi of the Japan Science and Technology, DOST Assistant Secretary Dr. Leah Buendia, and UKRI Deputy Director International Development Research Dr. Mark Claydon-Smith.

The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and the country’s Department of Science and Technology (DOST) virtually conducted its Joint Panel/Funders Meeting for ‘Science, Technology and Action’ Nexus for Development (STAND) last 27 August 2021. The Funders Meeting, which followed after the Joint Panel Meeting, approved the following proposals which were matched and tagged as ‘STAND’ initiatives:

  1. PlastiCount Pilipinas: counting and visualizing marine plastics pollution in the Philippines (by UPD-Marine Science Institute)
  2. Integrated network-based management for SEA coasts (InMSEA) - by UPD-Institute of Biology

It may be recalled that the three (3) countries/institutions have pushed for sustainable development initiatives in Southeast Asia by urging researchers to submit proposals for their multi-funder initiative that focuses on networking and partnership, building outreach and dissemination, demonstration and pilot activities, and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The Call was launched last November 2020, wherein, DOST received a total of six (6) proposals in February 2021.

After a rigid domestic evaluation process, the Philippine-endorsed proposals were elevated to the Joint Technical Panel Review. Following the recently concluded Funders Meeting, the management officials from the 3 institutions approved for funding these two (2) proposals.  The Philippine government will provide a maximum budget of Php 5 million per project, implemented for one year.  This will be complemented by ¥5,000,000 (approximately Php2.3M) from JST, and an in-kind contribution from the UKRI.  The projects are expected to start by October/November of this year.

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