STARPLAN VI - Alexis M. Fillone
An Overview: Smart City Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems - Dr. Robert Kerwin C. Billones
Overview of STARPLAN-VI Related Technologies - Engr. John Carlo V. Puno
Overhead Vision System for Enhanced Bus Passenger Counter - Engr. Immanuel Jose C. Valencia
Development of a Mobile Application for Advanced Traveler Assistance System - Engr. Jenskie Jerlin I. Haban
Vehicle Classification, License Plate Detection & Traffic Violations Detection using a Moving Vehicle Platform - Engr. Allysa Kate M. Brillantes
CATCH-ALL Visual Artificial Intelligence for Smart Urban Traffic Monitoring and Management
COVID-19 Risk Assessment: Physical Distancing & Face Mask Detection - Engr. Marielet Guillermo
Transport Modeling Tool: EMME - Engr. Kervin Joshua C. Lucas, MS CE
Transit Scheduling Tool - Raymund Paolo Abad
Transportation Infrastructure Impacts Calculator - Dr. Krister Roquel
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