From right: Dr. Yasmin P. Tirol (Project Leader), Nonilo Peña of DOST-PCIEERD, Dr. Danilo Abayon ofFrom right: Dr. Yasmin P. Tirol (Project Leader), Nonilo Peña of DOST-PCIEERD, Dr. Danilo Abayon ofAklan State University, Atty. Shimonette Francisco New Washington Mayor, Florencio Miraflores AklanGovernor, Engr. Rowen Gelonga of DOST VI, Engr. Romeo Almuan of MARINA Region 6, and Mr.Edilberto Macahilig (representative of Hon. Carlito Marquez).

NEW WASHINGTON, AKLAN -- The Philippine maritime industry rides into a new wave of innovation as construction of the country’s first hybrid trimaran begins.

Officials from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Aklan State University (ASU), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), local government officials of Aklan, and Metallica Shipyard marked the beginning of the build of this innovative transport as they placed the framework of the hull of the vessel on the riverbed of New Washington.

DOST-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD) Deputy Executive Director Engr. Raul Sabularse expressed optimism that the commencement of the build will be the spark to transform the maritime industry in the country.

“We are hopeful that the hybrid trimaran project will launch a new wave of innovations in the maritime industry,” he said.

Sabularse said the project also creates a new opportunity in studying alternative energy sources in the country as the trimaran will harness energy from the ocean to augment its energy requirements.

“Our search for new and viable alternative energy resources gets a boost with this ingenious endeavor,” he said.

 The workers and the people behind the production of the trimaran vessel.

DOST bankrolled the P76-million fund for the project which is implemented jointly by ASU, MARINA and Metallica Shipyard, MARINA and DOST Regional Office Number 6..

The passenger- cargo vessel, designed by Metallica Shipyard, owner Engr. Jonathan Salvador, is envisioned to carry 150 passengers, 4 vans, and 15 motorcycles.

The hybrid trimaran is designed to generate its own electrical supply from the waves it gathers from the outriggers of the craft.  Ocean waves will drive double action hydraulic pumps that will power a generator to produce which creates the electricity.

Salvador, the owner of Metallica Shipyard, explained that the more waves that the vessel encounters, more power will be produced.

“We see this technology to improve the vessel’s energy efficiency, making it not only cost-efficient, but also environment-friendly,” he said.

Salvador said the vessel will utilize multi-engine technology that prevents it from encountering total engine failure while at sea, minimizing maritime accidents. It will also be constructed with a specifically engineered design to address the possibility of capsizing, making it practically unsinkable and able to withstand harsh environments at sea.

Engr. Rowen Gelonga of DOST-6 highlighted the role of the Western Visayas in Maritime Transport. He also emphasized that the partnership between ASU and Metallica is the foundation for the project success.
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