Opportunity status:   Close
Funding type:   Grant
Funding Agency:   DOST-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology (DOST-PCIEERD)
Opening date:   September 15, 2023  (8:00 A.M.)
Closing date:   October 10, 2023 (5:00 P.M.)
Evaluation Period:  20 Working Days - HRDP
Start of Project:  January 2024
Submit through: DOST Project Management Information System (DPMIS)
PDF Copy Call Guidelines
For e-Copy of Priority Areas, please refer to the link below


In the interest of fully complementing the human resources and institution needs and requirements of the industry, energy, and emerging technology research and development sectors, making the opportunity available to the great majority, PCIEERD implements the Human Resources Development Program which aims to: a.) develop and enhance Filipino research and development (R&D) capabilities of academic/research institutions and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) agencies through degree programs, conduct of research activities, and expert mobility in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors in order to meet the present and future human resource requirements; and b.) encourage Filipino researchers to be more productive researchers by providing support for disseminating their research outputs in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors in local and international conferences, fora and similar events.


The Full-Blown Proposal should fall as a non-research and development project.

This funding opportunity encourages the a) development of Filipino research and development (R&D) capabilities in the academic and research institutions through degree programs, conduct of research activities and expert mobility in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors in order to meet present and future human resource requirements.

The Council shall provide funding Support for the PCIEERD Consortia Operational funds under the component of the Human Resources Development Program (HRD).

Who can apply?

  1. PCIEERD Consortia - This is open to the PCIEERD Regional Consortia for support of its CY 2024 annual operations and activities

What we're looking for?

  • The proposals/applications should cover the following:

    PCIEERD Consortia - In support to the newly approved guidelines for the implementation of the PCIEERD Regional Consortia Operations with PCIEERD Administrative Order No. 2018-043 dated July 2.10, 2018, stated that one of the functions of PCIEERD is to establish, develop and maintain local and international technical cooperation linkages.

    This includes building partnerships in the regions through various schemes, to provide a clear direction setting for each regional consortium in terms of their R&D, particularly the process of submission, evaluation and implementation of approved project proposals and other scientific activities to support the Council's priority thrusts, plans and programs.

    PCIEERD supports the operations of the Regional R&D Consortia, a network of academic institutions, government agencies and private small and medium industries in the regions. The aim is to promote closer collaboration, catalyze, coordinate and integrate R&D activities in industry, energy and emerging technologies that will upgrade regional research capacity and respond to the needs of the local industries.

    All network members of the regional consortia are expected to participate actively in the formulation, prioritization, and identification of regional R&D programs, projects and activities, as well as monitor and assess regional research projects funded by PCIEERD.

How to apply?

  1.  Applications/proposals using the prescribed format (Non-R&D/DOST Form 3) must be submitted in the E-proposal portal at from September un15 to September 30, 2023. Documentary requirements must also be uploaded in the portal. A notification will be issued to eligible entities whose applications/proposals have been evaluated and preliminarily recommended for grant.
  2. A DOST-P.CIEERD Project Manager will be assigned to each project proponent to provide guidance in the review/evaluation of the application/proposals. A notification will be issued to eligible entities whose applications/proposals have been evaluated and recommended for funding.
  3.  Proposal and Submission Information  

               a. Proposal Format

           Applicants shall follow the DOST GIA Proposal Format - Non R&D which will be accomplished in the e-Proposal portal at Instructions for submission are also available in this site.

         For the Regional Consortia Program the DOST GIA Proposal Non-R&D Format should be used.

               I. Project Title

                  Refers to the Title or the Name of the PCIEERD Regional Consortia

                 and also HRDP component being applied for, as identified in Section A of this announcement.

            II. Project Leader- refers to applicant/proponent with contact details email/mobile number

                   Agency - the Department/College/institution/organization of the Project Leader.  Address/Telephone/Fax/Email - Contact information of the applicant/proponent

            Ill. Cooperating Agency/ies

                 May refer to the following 

                          Host institution and/or mentor for Regional Consortia Program as base agency

            IV. Site/s of Implementation

                Host Institution as Consortia Chair and/or Consortia Director

             V. Project Duration

                 Refers to the duration and date of the implementation which is normally for one (1} covering January to December.

           VI. Total Project Cost

                    Refers to the total proposed budget being requested:

                    Regional Consortia - maximum grant of PhP1 M to cover the following expense items:

                             • Personal Services (PS)

                             • Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE)

                            • Equipment Outlay (EO) can be provided compliance to the eligibility requirement stated in the Regional Consortia Guidelines under

                                   PCIEERD Administrative Section No. 2022-004, Series of 2022, dated 28 April 2022.


          b. Documents to be submitted:

               • Letter of Intent/Request and Endorsement

                Together with the application/proposal, DOST-PCIEERD requires submission of a formal letter of intent/request from the. applicant and an endorsement from the authorized head of organization. The authorized head of the                    organization will also be a principal signatory of their organization for the contract of award. The letter of Intent/Request and Endorsement Letter should be addressed to:         

                                DR. ENRICO C. PARINGIT

                               Executive Director, PCIEERD-DOST

                               5th Level, Science Heritage Building, DOST Compound,

                               Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City      

               • Endorsement from Head of Agency and/or University as a base agency enrolled in

               • Application form (Annex A) 

               • Additional documents per component (Select Supplementary Files)

                           a. PCIEERD Regional Consortia

                               • Annual progress report CY 2023 (at least 3rd Quarter)

                              • Annual financial report CY 2023 (at least 3rd Quarter)

                                   - Reports of Disbursements/Reports of Check Issued (ROD/RGI)

                                  - Schedule of Accounts Payable

                                  - List of Equipment (If any)

                               • Work and financial plan CY 2024

                                    - Line-Item-Budget (LIB) for 2024

                                    - Monthly Cash Program for 2024

                                    - Action Plan per Activity

                             • Copy of Updated S& T agenda of the Consortia

                             • Copy of Updated Manual of Operations

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