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The PCIEERD envisions to be recognized for the quality of its people, leadership and performance and contribute to the nation’s productivity and competitiveness.
Towards this end, the PCIEERD commits to pursue and make available S&T solutions and innovations to help create and sustain competitive industries, attain energy self-sufficiency, and ensure the efficient and effective use of emerging technologies for the inclusive growth and development of the country, through:

  • a well-defined Research and Development (R&D) thrust from innovative idea to technology development and knowledge generation to technology transfer and utilization;
  • active engagement of scientists, researchers and engineers in R&D activities;
  • strengthened partnerships and significant collaborations with industry, academe and government agencies to complement resources and expertise.


"To lead and partner with the public and private institutions in generating S&T policies, strategies and technologies that will contribute significantly to national economic development."


Core Values

The PCIEERD core values describe who we are and the way we conduct ourselves. While the Council’s goals and strategies may evolve to adapt to changing times, our core values remain the bedrock of our existence.

COMMITMENT: Having faith in the system, we are passionate at what we do. We take the extra mile and make things happen.

RESPECT:  We demonstrate integrity and fairness in all we say and do. We treat everybody with respect.

EXCELLENCE:  Innovative and competitive change agents that is what we are. We do our best where we are the best.

SENSE OF URGENCY: Time is of the element. What we do today is always the priority.

TEAMWORK: Our success is characterized by our collective energy and intelligence. We grow, prosper, and celebrate success together.


Quality Policy

“PCIEERD is committed to achieving excellence and continual improvement of its core business processes and services for its clients and partners at all times.”

The policy embraces the following quality objectives and principles:  

  • Achieving excellence and quality service for its clients and partners shall be the primary focus of the quality management activities;
  • Systems and controls shall be prevention-based to foster more effective decision making;
  • Partners are integral to the quality process and organization personnel shall work closely with them to meet customer’s needs;
  • Staff shall be encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and focused task groups;
  • All staff shall have individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality Policy in the performance of their tasks;
  • PCIEERD management is fully committed to their Quality Policy through active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by example.
  • Full commitment to comply with the regulatory and statutory requirements.