As part of PCIEERD’s initiative to disseminate Science and Technology information and educate the public on how they can make S&T work in their everyday activities, PCIEERD conducts Information Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns on specific science topics. These are usually technologies that have undergone the Council’s technology assessment (TA).

During the celebration of the DOST North Luzon Cluster Science and Technology Fair, PCIEERD conducted the “IEC Campaign on Environmental Management Techniques for the Rehabilitation of Rivers and Creeks”. It was held last September 2, 2014 at the Cagayan State University, Tuguegarao. 

On its 4th anniversary, the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) encourages investors, stakeholders, and every Juan and Juana to invest in R&D outputs.  A forum entitled “Juana Invest? Reaping the Returns from R&D” which will feature selected presentations on starting a business, technology entrepreneur stories success stories and investment financing, and a portfolio of investment opportunities from its R&D projects will be conducted on the 27th of June, at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel, Ortigas Center

PCIEERD invited Resource Persons who will pave the way to investments based on their experiences. The guest of honor, Senator Cynthia Villar, is an accomplished entrepreneur who has also built livelihood opportunities for her constituents. She is also the Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology. To further enlighten everyone on the importance of investing in science and technology, Dr. Gonzalo C. Serafica, a DOST Balik Scientist, will be the guest speaker for the event. Dr. Serafica is an expert on Biocellulose technology and is currently working with a number of DOST agencies and other universities.

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PCIEERD 4th Anniversary June 27, 2014


01 -
How to Start, Grow and Sell a Biotech/Medical Device Company in United States: The Xylos Story 
Al Serafica, PhD, Chemical Engineering
02 -
Technology Financing/Investors
Ma. Luna E. Cacanando
Officer-In-Charge, Office of the President & COO
Small Business Corporation
02 -
Technology Entrepreneur Success Stories
Ramon I. Castillo
Innovatronix, Inc.
03 -
Models for Supporting Start-Up
Diane Angela D. Eustaquio
Executive Director
Idea Space

Technical Session A - "Minerals and Materials for Every Juan"
02 - Ceramic Water Filter System
Engr. Edmar P. Casa, ITDI
04 - Natural Dyes for Textiles
Mr. Julius L. Leaño, Jr. , PTRI
05 - Photocatalytic Treatment of Colored Wastewater
Dr. Susan M. Gallardo, DLSU
06 - Organo-minerals for Bioremediation
Dr. Merlinda A. Palencia, Adamson University

Technical Session B - "Energy Systems for Every Juan"
01 - Power Distribution Units
Dr. Michael Angelo A. Pedrasa, EEEI,UPD
02 - Nanostructured Solar Energy Devices
Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, NIP-UPD
03 - Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging
Engr. Nino Christopher B. Ramos, EEEI-UPD 

Technical Session B - "Learning Systems and Educational Tools"
01 - Conducive Environment for Children with Autism
Dr. Merlin Teodosia Suarez, DLSU
03 - Learning While Playing Apps
Dr. Rowel O. Atienza, EEEI-UPD 

Technical Session C - "Food and Feeds for Every Juan"
01 - Iron-Fortified Rice
Ms. Marcela C. Saises, FNRI
02 - Processed Food Products from Brown Rice
Engr. Rosemarie G. Garcia, FNRI
03 - Locally-developed Food Processing Equipment for MSMEs
Ms. Nelia Elisa C. Florendo, ITDI