7th anniv

On June 29, 2017, the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) will celebrate its 7th anniversary at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Complex, Roxas Blvd, Manila with the theme: “PCIEERD, The Innovation Council: Shifting Gears, Driving Change, Transforming Lives.”

Shifting Gears

The highlight of the celebration is the launch of the new PCIEERD as it aspires to be called the Innovation Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technologies. 

Executive Director Carlos Primo C. David says that PCIEERD’s drive to be called the Innovation Council is brought about by the “proactive desire to make a difference in the society by constantly challenging ourselves to come up with better strategies to make S&T work in the country.”

With this resolve are new programs that were launched this year, the new sectors or areas for research and development that have been added to PCIEERD’s already diversified sectoral coverage; as well as the new initiatives to improve PCIEERD’s internal processes.

On its 7th anniversary, PCIEERD will launch the Young Innovators Program (YIP) that will give recognition to the youngest promising researchers with the awarding of research grants, R&D Awards 2017 or the recognition of the outstanding completed R&D projects, and Kabalikat Awards that acknowledges PCIEERD’s partners who have shown interest and invaluable support to its R&D efforts.

Expanded Sectoral Coverage

This year, PCIEERD expanded its sectoral coverage with the addition of 4 new areas for research. It now shepherds 21 areas namely Electronic and Semiconductor, Mining and Minerals, Metals and Engineering, Food Processing, Process, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Nanotechnology/Materials Science, Biotechnology, Genomics, Information and Communications Technology, Photonics, Space Technology Applications, Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, and Environment, including Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Creative Industries, and Human Security.

Space Technology Applications is an existing sector covered by PCIEERD but since the thirst for space exploration has escalated, more big ticket programs are initiated such as the establishment of the National Space Agency.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, two intriguing but exciting emerging fields, are now incorporated after a series of consultations and meetings with experts and key industry players. Artificial Intelligence is seen to have applications in practically all aspects of modern life, especially in developing efficient solutions to the country’s pressing concerns. On the other hand, data science is for utilization of datasets in detecting patterns for possible solutions and/or opportunities for innovation.

Human Security aims to fill in some gaps in our national defense through R&Ds to deliver highly competitive products and research results.

Lastly, Creative Industries will support and strengthen the field to be globally competitive and to promote locally-made products/designs.

New Programs

More than the industry, energy, and emerging technology sectors, the Innovation Council has strengthened its services to accommodate stakeholders in every aspect of life.

The Young Innovators Program (YIP) will provide financial assistance to promising researchers as young as high school students to encourage and motivate them to undergo scientific researches to develop new and innovative ideas.

The Innovation Council will not only focus on big companies but also give attention to the Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the SME Support Program. It aims to provide one-on-one consultations and trainings, among others.

To avail government services easily is the primary purpose of the e-Governance System that allows record management across sub-offices and departments throughout the country.

To empower the regional consortia, Gabay Probinsya Program will be initiated wherein PCIEERD Project Managers will be deployed in the provinces to assess the needs and strengths of the regions.

Aside from the launching of the Innovation Council, various discussions on interesting topics will be held with speakers from the key players in the industry, energy, and emerging technology sectors. Topics will range from innovations and business to artificial intelligence and data science applications. 

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