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In its resolve to recognize the completed research works of Filipino scientists, researchers and engineers in the industry, energy, emerging technology and special concerns like climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management and environment, the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development institutionalized its Search for Outstanding R&D. The search was announced last year during the council’s anniversary celebration in June. To encourage researchers to present their research works, PCIEERD offered a prize of P500,000 for each category, and “winner–take-all” scheme to emphasize the objective of awarding outstanding research.

A total of 45 entries were received for the four categories which were narrowed down to 3-5 finalists per category during the research work presentations which were conducted from March to June 2015.

For the appreciation of researchers and for the information of the public on the array of R&D conducted in the past 5 years in the industry, energy, emerging technology and special concerns, the following were the entries:


  • Industrial Technology- Process
    1. Establishment of Radiation Dose for Quarantine Treatment of Mango Pulp Weevil, Sternochetus frigidus (F.) in Philippine Super Mango
    2. Production of xylanases by mangrove fungi from the Philippines and their application in enzymatic pretreatment of recycled paper pulps
    3. Effects of Kappa-Carrageenan on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Thermoplastic Starch
  • Industrial Technology-Food Processing
    1. Design and Development of Multi-purpose Controller to Measure and Control Moisture, Temperature and Time for Crop Processing
    2. Brown Rice: Shelf-Life Improvement and Product Development
    3. Sensory Acceptability of Squash (Cucurbita maxima) in Making Ice Cream
  • Industrial Technology-Mining and Minerals
    1. Geotechnical Characterization of Mine Tailings in the Philippines
  • Industrial Technology-Metals and Engineering
    1. A Multi-purpose Overhauling and Lifting Apparatus


  • Emerging Technology - ICT
    1. Rice Plant Nitrogen Level Assessment and Disease Identification through Image Processing using Artificial Neural Networks
  • Emerging Technology-Electronics
    1. Development and Evaluation of Universal Serial Bus Musical Percussion Instrument Interface
    2. Portable Bitcoin ATM
    3. Heartbeat, Blood Pressure and Temperature Wireless Monitoring System
  • Emerging Technology-Biotechnology
    1. Comparative Antibacterial Property of  the Matured Trunk and Stem Bark Extract of Tamarindus  indica L., Preformulation, Development and Quality Control of Cream
    2. A Semi-automated method for species identification in early stages of mud crabs Scylla spp.
    3. Primers for loop-mediated isothermal amplification of Philippine white spot syndrome virus isolates
    4. A Transcriptomics and Bioinformatics Strategy to Fast Track Drug Lead Identification and Characterization of Novel Pharmacologically  Active Peptides from the Venom Duct of the Turrid Snail Gemmula speciosa
  • Emerging Technology-Nanotechnology
    1. Development of Sorbent Material for Solid Phase Extraction System for Histamine Based on Molecular Imprinting Technology
  • Emerging Technology-Photonics
    1. 3D Projection of Independent Arbitrary Light Patterns

Energy, Utilities and Systems (11) 

  • Energy, Utilities and Systems-Alternative Sources of Energy
    1. Design and Development of Energy Generating Concrete Tiles
    2. Redneck Engineering Research and Development of Inexpensive Home Biogas System
    3. Optimized Zero-Waste Biofuel Production from Resin Cheesewood through Distillation and Densification to Yield Fuel-Grade Liquid Hydrocarbon and Biocoal Briquettes
    4. A Portable Power Generating Apparatus for Irrigation System of  Small Scale Farming "Tubig at Ilaw Mula sa Araw"
    5. Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) Mitigation of Bio-digester, Gasification and Composting of Animal Waste Management Techniques
    6. Solid  waste to energy, fertilizer   and wealth
    7. Energy Consumption  behavior and analysis of residential households using real-time automated electricity monitoring and audit system
  • Energy, Utilities and Systems-Transportation
    1. Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging: Charging in Minutes (CharM)
    2. Development of Automated Guide-way Transit System in the Philippines
  • Energy, Utilities & Systems-Energy Efficiency
    1. Adaptation of an Airlift Windpump for High-Lift Applications
  • Energy, Utilities and Systems
    1. Utilization of Cassegrain Fed Parabolic Antenna Design In increasing the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Module


  • Specials Concerns-Climate Change Adaptation
    1. Climate Change Adaptation: Trophosis Nutrition Security for Man and Fitness of Plants To Biotic and Abiotic Stress and Changing Climate
    2. The Effects of Climate Change in the Agricultural Crops in the Municipality of Calinog, Philippines
    3. Climate Change Adaptation of Watershed Key Stakeholders in Talomo-Lipadas Watersheds, Davao City, Philippines
    4. GIS-Based Crop Suitability and Climate Change Vulnerabilty of Farming systems in Cagayan Valley
  • Special Concerns-Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
    1. Rainfall-Induced Landslide Susceptibility ZonatIon along the Cagayan de Oro City-Bukidnon-Davao City Route Corridor
    2. Regional Disaster Science and Management S&T Capacity Development: Earthqquake Risk Assessment in Central Luzon
    3. Climate X:Providing accurate rainfall forecasts for the Philippines
    4. An Evaluation of Emergency Preparedness of Local Government Unit on National Calamities
    5. Spatial Analysis on the Bombings in Region XII, Mindanao, Philippines
  • Special Concerns- Environment
    1. An Investigation on the Influence of an Organic Substance on CO2 clathrate Hydrate Formation
    2. Social Environmental Impact and Sustainable Development of Jalaur Dam Project in the Municipality of Calinog Philippines
    3. Development of a Compact Eletrocoagulation Reactor Utilizing Locally Available Electrodes for the Treatment of Quick Service Restaurant and Tannery Wastewater
    4. Photocatalytic Treatment of Colored Wastewater from Textile Industry
    5. Prototyping and Field Performance Testing of Ceramic Water Filter Systems Using Philippine Red Clays with Nano Antimicrobial Coating
    6. Performance of Slip Casted Red Clay-Based Ceramic Water Filter
    7. Ultrasound Assisted Oxidative Desulfurization of Model Sulfur Compounds


The entries highlighted in red are the selected finalists which underwent evaluation and judging by a select Board of Judges chosen for each category.

The Judges thoroughly examined the overall impact and contribution of the research to national programs for rapid, inclusive, and sutained economic growth integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management This also means that the research, which should have been completed between 2010-2014, exhibits scientific soundness and technical rigor.

Additionally, in selecting the winner from each category, the Judges also gave points to the creativity and originality of the research work plus clarity of presentation by the researcher.

According to Engr. Nelson P. Beniabon, PCIEERD Chief and Chair of the 2015 Outstanding R&D Awards, the winners will be announced during the 5th anniversary of PCIEERD at Marriott Hotel on June 30, 2015.