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The researchers, Dr. Luis Sison, and the PCIEERD team with Usec. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara

With its commitment to support the Department of Science and Technology's (DOST) advocacy to facilitate innovation and provide assistance in boosting Research and Development initiatives in the country, the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) successfully facilitated the department's first pitching event for DOST-funded technologies last April 25, 2015 at the University of the Philippines Diliman's Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UP-EEEI). The event was orchestrated in collaboration with Dr. Luis Sison, project leader of the DOST-UP Enterprise Center for Technopreneurship.

Ten (10) DOST researchers delivered a 5-minute pitch of the technologies derived from their DOST-funded research projects. Each presented a brief overview of their technologies and business model to a panel composed of selected entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and domain experts in various fields.

The pitching event served as a platform for the researchers to receive feedback on how they can package their technologies to effectively bring them in the market. Further, it also provided an opportunity to entice investors in providing support for the intended commercialization of the technologies.


From left: Dr. Gil Nonato Santos, Ms. Jeannie Cabansag, and Engr. Nino Cristopher Ramos

First to present among the researchers was Ms. Jeannie Cabansag from the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI). She presented the technology about "Natural Dye for Textiles" showcasing the country's local capability to produce natural dye ready for commercialization. Mr. Greg Ciocson from the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) also presented the "99mTc" or Technicium which can be used for early detection of cancer. Afterwards, Dr. Gil Nonato Santos from De La Salle University presented "Nano-coating for glass" which involves a cheaper liquid solution that can be applied on glass walls so the public will be protected from the heat or UV rays.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jocelyn Zarate from the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) pitched her technology called "Mykoplus", a biofertilizer formula enriching the soil to indirectly improve the crops' speed of growth through microbes. Also present during the event was Dr. Rowel Atienza from UP-EEEI who presented "3D Gestures". Such technology involves building a library which can enable games or applications to create a real-time transformation of the objects shown on screen.

Also among the researchers who pitched their DOST-funded technologies was Dr. Maricor Soriano from the UP Diliman National Institute of Physics (NIP). She presented the "Coral Reef Assessment", a tear drop automated rapid reef assessment suite tool to more effectively monitor reefs. Then, Dr. Giovanni Tapang, also from NIP UP Diliman, presented a cost-effective and portable hand-held device called "VISSER" that can be distributed in local schools to aid learning about science. Engr. Nino Cristopher Ramos from UP-EEEI also presented a pitch during the event about the "Rapid e-Vehicle Charger" to support sustainable energy use in the transport sector through a more economical rapid e-vehicle charger.


Dr. Giovanni Tapang presenting his pitch on VISSER

Another technology presented was the "RxBox", a prenatal and maternal biomedical telehealth device which seeks to provide access to proper medical care to patients from the rural areas. It was pitched by Dr. Kristine Mae Magtubo from the University of the Philippines Manila. Lastly, Dr. Henry Ramos from UP Diliman pitched the technology "MAX Phase Materials" which involves an anti-termite, fire retardant plasma treatment for wood.

Meanwhile, the panellists for the pitching event are as follows: Mr. Wilson Leung (IBM), Mr. Martin Gomez (IBM), Mr. Jojo Flores (Plug & Play), Mr. Johnny Sy (Cloudtip), Ms. Nicole Paterno (1000 Angels), Ms. Katrina Chan (IdeaSpace), Mr. Martin Co (Sunnymade Corp), Mr. Harry Cheong (Malinta Corp), Mr. Manuel Frondoso (UP-ENDFI) and Dr. Gonzalo Serafica (UP-TTBDO).

DOST's Undersecretary for Science and Technology Services and PCIEERD officer-in-charge, Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, graced the event and expressed her gratitude towards the researchers for bravely facing the panel by pitching their technologies. She added that it is inspiring to see them go out from their laboratories to showcase the fruit of their hard work. "It is fun to see them finish their work, but it's more fun to see them selling their work," she stated.

The pitching event is a culminating activity of the PCIEERD project entitled "Market and Financial Analysis of Thirty (30) DOST R&D Technologies through the Market Discovery-based Planning and Pitch Session Engagement" initiated by PCIEERD's Research Information and Technology Transfer Division (RITTD) headed by Ms. Russell M. Pili.

The successful event marks another milestone for DOST as this proves the department's staunch commitment in promoting innovation and hastening the technology transfer in the Philippines. Similarly, it illustrates how DOST is recognizing the importance of commercializing technologies derived from its funded projects to make the country globally competitive in terms of Science and Technology innovations (Edgilyn R. Alcasid).