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acrobat logoClimate X - A Rainfall Forecasting Tool for the Philippines
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acrobat logoProducts and outputs of the NOAH – WISE Project (2013-2015)
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2nd National Research and Development Conference Presentation - February 15, 2017
acrobat logo2017 - 2022 Industry Sector R&D Priorities
acrobat logoCall for Proposals 2018
Presentations and matrix presented during the UAV R&D Consortium Road Mapping last April 22, 2016 at Ateneo De Manila University.
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acrobat logoUAV Presentation - CAAP
acrobat logoUAV Presentation - Chua
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acrobat logoSubmission of PHIL LIDAR 2 Program October 8, 2015

acrobat logoCall for papers/manuscript ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development October 5,2015

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PCIEERD 5th Anniversary - June 30, 2015

acrobat logoDessert Wine From Purple Taro and Rice - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoElectrolytes in Coconut Water - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoMicrobial Rennet for Cheese Making (demo) - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoMicrobial Rennet for Cheese Making (short ppt) - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoReady-to-Drink Green Mango Juice - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoRice Fortification with Iron - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoShelf Life Extension of Brown - Rice -  Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoTECHNICOM and TBI Programs - Dec. 19, 2013

acrobat logoNational Biotechnology Week - Dec 2013

acrobat logoCall for Proposal for 2015 - Nov 13,2013

acrobat logoCall for Proposal Press Con - Nov 13,2013

application linkPCIEERD 3RD Anniversary - June 28, 2013

application linkGlobal Methane Initiative Forum - Feb. 21-22, 2012

application linkGlobal Methane Initiative Forum - April 24, 2012

application linkGlobal Methane Initiative Forum - June 27,2012

application linkCustomized Local Road Vehicle (CLRV) Workshop - May 24, 2012

application linkCustomized Local Road Vehicle (CLRV) Workshop - June 14, 2012 

application linkCustomized Local Road Vehicle (CLRV) Workshop - October 24, 2012

acrobat logo1st Philippine Rubber Investment & Market Encounter - September 18-19, 2012

application linkCustomized Land Road Vehicle (CLRV) Consultation with Stakeholders - March 5, 2013


acrobat logo Implementing a Satellite-based Monitoring and Assessment of Rehabilitation in Typhoon-effected Regions (SMARTER VISAYAS)

acrobat logo New Observation Systems for Disaster Monitoring with Ground Lightning Networks and Micro-satellite Constellation

acrobat logo Implementation of Wireless Telecommunication System for Emergency Response on Mentawai Mega-thrust Disaster Relief Exercise 2014

acrobat logo Environment Management and Disaster Mitigation Research Activities at Vietnam National University

acrobat logo Multi-site Visualization System for Decision Support System

acrobat logo National Emergyency Operations Centre in Lao PDR

acrobat logo DOST-Project NOAH's Initiatives in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

acrobat logo Potential Applications of small UAV to disaster risk assessment, monitoring and response: its needs and challenges

acrobat logo Was the Typhoon Yolanda Strongest in the Observation History in the Philippines?

acrobat logoImpact survey of Super Typhoon “Yolanda” on Basic Livelihoods and Ecosystem Health in Panay of Philippines

acrobat logoDetailed Analysis on Storm Surge Impacts Due to Typhoon Yolanda and Multidisciplinary Research for Disaster Risk Reduction

acrobat logoEmergent Field Survey on Present Status of Chemical Pollution by Typhoon “Yolanda” in Coastal Environment of the Central Philippines

acrobat logoInvestigation of Wind Damage Processes by Typhoon Yolanda, Identification of Effective Damage Reduction Measures, and its Facilitation to Recovery Work

acrobat logoA Survey-Research on Scientific-Technological Methods and Socio-Cultural Assessment for the Emergency Restoration of Official Documents in Super Typhoon-Affected Areas in the Philippines 

acrobat logoDeveloping a Prototype of Geospatial Data Sharing System for Disaster Management in the Philippines

acrobat logoMapping the impact of the Typhoon Yolanda with Combined Approach of Remote Sensing, Field Observation and GIS Analysis

acrobat logoFeasibility Study of Integrating Human Dimension and Human Security in a Disaster Management System: Integrating eBayanihan and SHEREPO

acrobat logoCase study of the Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, Response and Rehabilitation Capacities of Government Schools in Philippine, and development of Asian statement

acrobat logoInvestigation of Disaster Wastes by Super Typhoon and Huge Storm Surge for their Emergency Disposal and Sustainable Management Harmonized with Environment